Andreas Behrend
A Classification Scheme for Update Propagation Methods in Deductive Databases
Alessandro Artale, Diego Calvanese and Angelica Ibañez-García
Full Satisfiability of UML Class Diagrams
Paolo Cappellari and Denilson Barbosa
Towards Automatic Schema Mapping Verification Through Reasoning
Stephen Hegner
Optimal Reflection of Bidirectional View Updates using Information-Based Distance Measures
Sebastian Lehrack, Ingo Schmitt and Sascha Saretz
CQQL: A Quantum Logic-Based Extension of the Relation Domain Calculus
Romuald Thion and Stéphane Coulondre
Data Dependencies for Access Control Policies
George Voutsadakis
Comparing Availability in Controlled Query Evaluation Using Unordered Query Evaluation for Known Potential Secrets