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... is a campus university outside the city of Roskilde, situated in (mostly) green surroundings and with growing amounts of student housings, shops, and industry. It is close to Copenhagen, and less than one hour from Copenhagen Airport. See all information about Roskilde University here.


LID 2009 takes place in building 43, room 43-3.29 at Roskilde University.

University map with detailed directions.
Map and instructions for drivers and some information about trains (new window); see also below.


All trains and busses are connected in a common ticket system based on zones, a bit complicated for novices so better ask once more to be sure you get a ticket for the correct number of zones. You must stamp your ticket before you enter the train and when you enter a bus the first time on your trip, the ticket then is valid in a certain time interval (1-2 h depending on ticket).
There is a high fee if you are taken without a valid ticket; no discount for tourists :(
Airport to Copenhagen Center
Direct trains every 10 or 20 min's; trip takes 13 min's. NB: Copenhagen in Danish is København.
(Taxi some 200 DKK)
Copenhagen Center (Central Station) to Roskilde University
Your destination is the station Trekroner which is one stop before Roskilde; direct train takes 24 min's. From Trekroner station, follow the crowds to the university (direction North of the tracks). Walking distance 10-15 min's.
To be sure to find the right train, be aware that not all trains stop at Trekroner, and only the monitors by the tracks tell intermediate stations - the big screens in the Central Station Hall shows only final destinations, which is perfect for confusing the newcomer.
Copenhagen Center (Central Station) to Roskilde City
Similar to the above but one stop more; in fact many trains race through Trekroner but stop at Roskilde.
(Taxi some 500 DKK)
Airport to Roskilde University or Roskilde City
Combine the above, changing at Copenhagen Central
(Taxi some 5-600 DKK)
Roskilde City to Roskilde University
Direct trains to Trekroner station takes 3 min's; or bus 604, around 1/2 h. From Trekroner station, follow the crowds to the university (direction North of the tracks). Walking distance 10-15 min's.
(Taxi some 100 DKK)
Hotel Prindsen, Roskilde
The hotel is in walking distance from Roskilde station, less than 10 min's; see the hotel's map.
Hotel CABB INN City, Copenhagen
The hotel is in walking distance from Copenhagen Central Station, less than 10 min's; see the hotel's map (click "CAB INN City").
NB: At Copenhagen Central Station, the staircases from the platforms in the opposite end than the main station hall leads to Tiegtensgade very close to this hotel.
Hotel Scandic, Roskilde
hotel's map; ask at the hotel for easiest footpath to Roskilde Station.
Travel planner for local travels
Rejseplanen gives the best combination of public transportation from one place to another and with detailed maps, etc.
Maps and routes for those who travel by car
Krak provides excellent service.


Roskilde is a city with a long history and the close distance to Copenhagen cannot destroy its particular identity and atmosphere. Must-see's are Roskilde Cathedral and the Viking Ship Museum.
Check Roskilde Tourist Office.
There are are many fine restaurants and bars along Roskilde's main pedestrian street and nearby lanes. The local organizer's favourite is Restaurant Mumm; reservation is recommended and prices, well, not cheap but very reasonable for the quality.
Restaurant Snekken has a very pleasant location by the small harbour of Roskilde and may have sufficient space for a larger group, especially when reservation is made in advance.


Weather is unpredictable in Denmark (and has always been so), so you may want to check the weather forecast from Danish Meteorological Institute before you pack your suitcase.


See VISITCOPENHAGEN.COM for a fairly complete website (which may require a bit of patience; don't show it to your HCI colleague).


Museums in the Copenhagen area and around that you must see: